Our patterns are an ever evolving art. From or original Maine-themed brushwork, to our vibrant and exotic glazes, to our newest Nature Series, you're sure to find something to match your style and decor.

All of our pottery is high-fired porcelain using only the finest clay available. And while beautiful, it's durable and made for everyday use. Everything is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe, and as always lead and cadmium free.

Nature Series

Our new Nature Series patterns are inspired by the magnificence of the world around us, each pattern is our interpretation of something we find special. From flowers and birds to creatures of the sea, each is full of life and sure to add color and personality to any room of your home.

  • Blue Celtic Flower

  • Blue Heron

  • Blue Lighthouse

  • Blue Loon

  • Blue Octopus

  • Blue Tree

  • Blue Whale

  • Hamada Celtic Flower

  • Hamada Chickadee

  • Hamada Heron

  • Hamada Loon

  • Hamada Tree

  • Purple Celtic Flower

  • Purple Chickadee

  • Purple Heron

  • Purple Lighthouse

  • Purple Loon

  • Purple Octopus

  • Purple Tree


Our glazed patterns range from delicate to bold. Some love to mix and match, while others prefer to collect a single pattern.

  • Blue Hamada

  • Blue Oribe

  • Cobalt

  • Green Oribe

  • Ivory & Blue

  • Ivory & Green

  • Purple Hamada


Our brushwork patterns celebrate the beauty of Maine. Each piece is hand-painted by our incredibley talented decorators.

  • Birch Point

  • Blueberry

  • Lighthouse

  • Loon

  • Lupine

  • Moon

  • Sailboat