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G12 Shaving Scuttle Mug - First Look

G12 Shaving Scuttle Mug White


We're very excited to introduce our newest shaving scuttle mug for the wet-shaving community. The new G12 Shaving Scuttle is the replacement for our incredibly popular G5 Shaving Scuttle. We set out to take what we'd learned from making the G20 Scuttle and apply it to the G5 Scuttle. The G12 Scuttle features the raised ridges and bottom bumps found in the G20 Scuttle, comfort handle, pewter capped stopper and a 12 oz. water reservoir. Since most of a scuttle's life is sitting on a shelf we spent a lot of time working on it's shape and outward appearance in hopes that it would be as beautiful as it is functional. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out and hope you like it as much as we do!



  • Overall Dimensions: 5.25" Dia x 3.25" H
  • Inner Bowl Dimensions: 4" Dia x 2.25" H
  • 12 oz. water reservoir
  • Vertical ridges and bottom bumps
  • Pewter capped stopper


Price and Availability

The pricing is yet to be determined and we're currently building up some stock before we start offering them for sale. We expect to start selling them in late July to early August.

Pricing is $55



White Shaving Scuttle Mug


White Shaving Scuttle Mug


White Shaving Scuttle Mug


White Shaving Scuttle Mug


White Shaving Scuttle Mug


New Birch Point Pattern Now Available Online

Birch Point Pattern


Introducing our newest brushwork pattern, Birch Point. Our new pattern celebrates the delicate birches that dot Maine's landscape and is truly something to behold. The trunks of the birch trees are raised making this pattern something you can see and feel. Birch Point is available in all items and is currently available in all of our showrooms as well as online. 

For more information or to place an order over the phone, please call 1-866-936-7687.



Shown with optional yellow rim.


New Chattered Glazes

Chattered Glazes


Introducing Chattered Glazes. Our new technique of chattering bounces a tool around the rim of a still wet pot while on the wheel. The resulting marks add a subtle texture that pools and directs drips of glaze during the firing process. Chattering will be available in all of our Glazed patterns on select items. Generally as long as the item doesn't have a handle chattering will be available. Items are already in stores and will hopefully be online soon. For more information or to place an order over the phone, please call 1-866-936-7687.


New G20 Shaving Scuttle is Here

G20 Shaving Scuttle Photo


Introducing the G20 Shaving Scuttle

After months in the making we�re very excited to introduce our newest shaving scuttle, the G20. After an incredible response to our G5 scuttle, we were inspired by the wonderful support of the active shaving community and decided to make another model. Like the G5, we relied heavily on the comments, advice and input from the wet shaving community to craft a scuttle that works as good as it looks.


Larger Water Capacity

The most common comment from customers was that they wished the scuttle had a larger water reservoir. With the G20, we set out address exactly that. When designing the outside of the scuttle, consideration was given to counter space, its height, durability, heat retention and overall aesthetics. After many revisions, we think the G20 is the finest looking scuttle available (admittedly we�re slightly biased.) While the reservoir is much larger than the G5 model, the G20 is far from cumbersome. We�re happy to announce that the G20 scuttle holds 20 ounces of water!


New Raised Features

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we set our attention to the inner lather bowl. For the G20 scuttle, we�ve increased the size of the inner bowl to 4� diameter x 2-1/2� deep, and the top 1/2� of the walls are near vertical to help keep the lather from escaping. Maybe the most exciting new features of the G20 are the raised vertical ridges and bottom bumps. Think of these as speed bumps for your brush. After testing many different �inward� cuts, ridges and patterns we started to experiment with �outward� or raised features. Immediately we found that we were able to create lather faster and more effectively with the raised. Our prototype testers agreed that the vertical ridges and bottom bumps were a success.


New Stopper

To top it all off, literally, we�ve teamed up with a local pewter smith to create an embossed pewter cap for our stopper. After trying cork and wood, we�ve found rubber to be the most effective stopper material for leak prevention and heat retention. 


What About the G5?

Fear not G5 fans, the G20 isn�t meant to replace the G5, it�s meant to accommodate the different shaving styles and products of the shaving community.



  • 20 oz. water reservoir capacity
  • Vertical ridges and bottom bumps
  • Pewter capped stopper
  • 9 glaze options



Overall - 5.25" Dia x 4.25" H

Inner Bowl - 4" Dia x 2.5" H

Price - $65 



The G20 scuttle is available now. We expect to begin shipping the first batch April 19th. It is available in all 9-glaze options.


Order Now



g20 Shaving Scuttle Mug


Top of G20 Shaving Scuttle


Interior of G20 Shaving Scuttle


Photo of G20 Shaving Scuttle by Georgetown Pottery


Detail Shot of G20 Shaving Scuttle


Closeup of Ridges of G20 Shaving Scuttle


Closeup of Bottom Bumps of G20 Shaving Scuttle


G20 Shaving Scuttle Patterns



New - Triangle Ikebana

Triangle Ikebana

Our newest Ikebana Vase is now available.

The new Triangle Ikebana is slightly larger than our Regular Round Ikebana, and features a slightly angular shape that we think compliments the natural outlines of flower arrangements perfectly. They have been in high demand in stores and hard to keep on the shelves as they're quickly becoming a favorite. Everyone seems to love the size and shape. The slightly larger shape makes them great for larger arrangements, but we've found that even small ones look fantastic.

They measure about 6.25" across and 2" tall.

There are 16 patterns so you're sure to fine one to match your decor.

To view the available patterns or to purchase, click HERE




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